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Full title: Document re: Monthly Fee Statement Cover Sheet (related document:[912] Monthly Fee Statement filed by Attorney Genova Burns LLC) filed by Donald W Clarke on behalf of Genova Burns LLC. (Clarke, Donald)

Document posted on Jan 2, 2022 in the bankruptcy, 6 pages and 0 tables.

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DISTRICT OF NEW JERSEY FEE APPLICATION COVER SHEET FOR THE PERIOD NOVEMBER 15, 2021 THROUGH DECEMBER 15, 2021 Debtor: LTL Management LLC Applicant: Chapter: 11 Case Filed: October 14, 2021 SECTION 1 FEE SUMMARY X Interim Fee ApplicationIn Re: Chapter: _____________________ Judge: _____________________ ORDER AUTHORIZING RETENTION OF ______________________________________________ATED: December 16, 2021       Upon the applicant’s request for authorization to retain ______________________________________ as __________________________________________, it is hereby ORDERED: 1. The professional’s address is: _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ 2.

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DISTRICT OF NEW JERSEY FEE APPLICATION COVER SHEET FOR THE PERIOD NOVEMBER 15, 2021 THROUGH DECEMBER 15, 2021 Debtor: LTL Management LLC Applicant: Genova Burns LLC Case No.: 21-30589(MBK) Client: Official Comm of Talc Claimant Chapter: 11 Case Filed: October 14, 2021 SECTION 1 FEE SUMMARY X Interim Fee Application No. 1 or ☐ Final Fee Application Summary of Amounts Requested for the Period from November 15, 2021 through December 15, 2021 (the “First Statement Period”) Total Fees: $148,385.00 Total Disbursements: $ 1,009.45 Minus 20% holdback of Fees: $ 29,677.00 Amount Sought at this Time: $119,717.45*
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& TITLE (Or Years Of
Professional Service)
None None None None
1. Angelo J. Genova, Senior Partner 1979 .80 850.00 680.00
2. James M. Burns, Senior Partner 1982 1.70 600.00 1,020.00
3. Daniel M. Stolz, Partner 1980 131.10 650.00 85,215.00
4. Scott S. Rever 1994 2.10 500.00 1,050.00
5. Donald W. Clarke 2008 94.60 500.00 47,300.00
6. Matthew I. Baker 2013 5.10 400.00 2,040.00
7. Lorrie Denson Paralegal 55.40 200.00 11,080.00
Fee Totals: $ 148,385.00 Disbursements Totals: $ 1,009.45 Total Fee Application $149,394.45*


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a) Asset Analysis and Recovery:
Identification and review of potential assets including causes of action and
non-litigation recoveries.
b) Asset Disposition
Sales, leases, abandonment and related transaction work.
c) Avoidance Action Litigation
Preference and fraudulent transfer litigation.
d) Business Operations
Issues related to debtor-in-possession operating in chapter 11 such as
employee, vendor, tenant issues and other similar problems.
e) Case Administration
Coordination and compliance activities, including preparation of statement of
financial affairs, schedules, list of contracts, United States Trustee interim
statements and operating reports; contacts with the United States Trustee;
general creditor inquires.
274.60 142,205.00
f) Claims Administration and Objections
Specific claim inquiries; bar date motions; analyses, objections and allowance
of claims.
g) Employee Benefits/Pensions
Review issues such as severance, retention, 401K coverage and continuance
of pension plan.
h) Fee/Employment Applications
Preparations of employment and fee applications for self or others; motions to
Establish interim procedures.
8.90 2,860.00
i) Fee/Employment Objections
Review of an objections to the employment and fee applications of others.
j) Financing
Matters under 361, 363 and 364 including cash collateral and secured clams;
loan document analysis.
k) Litigation
Other than Avoidance Action Litigation (there should be a separate category
established for each major matter).
5.10 2,040.00
l) Meetings of Creditors
Preparing for and attending the conference of creditors, the 341(a) meeting
and other creditors’ committee meetings.
m) Plan and Disclosure Statement
Formulation, presentation and confirmation; compliance with the plan
confirmation order, related orders and rules; disbursement and case closing
activities, except those related to allowance and objections to allowance of


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n) Relief from Stay Proceedings
Matters relating to termination or continuation of automatic stay under 362.
o) Accounting/Auditing
Activities related to maintaining and auditing books of account, preparation
of financial statements and account analysis.
p) Business Analysis
Preparation and review of company business plan; development and review of
strategies; preparation and review of cash flow forecasts and feasibility
q) Corporate Finance
Review financial aspects of potential mergers, acquisitions and disposition of
company or subsidiaries.
r) Data Analysis
Management information systems review, installation and analysis,
construction, maintenance and reporting of significant case financial data,
lease rejection, claims, etc.
s) Litigation Consulting
Providing consulting and expert witness services related to various
bankruptcy matters such as insolvency, feasibility, avoiding actions; forensic
accounting, etc.
t) Reconstruction Accounting
Reconstructing books and records from past transactions and brining
accounting current.
u) Tax Issues
Analysis of tax issues and preparation of state and federal tax returns.
v) Valuation
Appraise or review appraisals of assets.
w) Travel Time 2.20 1,280.00
SERVICE TOTALS: 290.80 $148,385.00
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a) Filing Fees
Payable to Clerk of Court.
b) Computer Assisted Legal Research
Westlaw, Lexis and a description of manner calculated.
c) Pacer Fees
Payable to the Pacer Service Center for search and/or print.
d) Fax
Include per page fee charged.


Exclusive of overhead charges.
Table 1 on page 4. Back to List of Tables
f) In-house Reproduction Services
Exclusive of overhead charges.
g) Outside Reproduction Services
Including scanning services.
h) Other Research
Title searches, UCC searches, Asset searches, Accurint.
i) Court Reporting
j) Travel
Mileage, tolls, airfare, parking.
k) Courier & Express Carriers
Overnight and personal delivery.
l) Postage 13.70
m) Other (specify) Subpoena Fees 162.10
I certify under penalty of perjury that the above is true. Date: January 3, 2022 /s/ Daniel M. Stolz


Caption in Compliance with D.N.J. LBR 9004-1(b) Order Filed on December 16, 2021 by Clerk U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of New Jersey Case No.: _____________________ In Re: Chapter: _____________________ Judge: _____________________ ORDER AUTHORIZING RETENTION OF ______________________________________________ The relief set forth on the following page is ORDERED. ATED: December 16, 2021


      Upon the applicant’s request for authorization to retain ______________________________________ as __________________________________________, it is hereby ORDERED: 1. The applicant is authorized to retain the above party in the professional capacity noted. The professional’s address is: _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ 2. Compensation will be paid in such amounts as may be allowed by the Court on proper application(s). 3. If the professional requested a waiver as noted below, it is ☐ Granted ☐ Denied. ☐ Waiver, under D.N.J. LBR 2014-2(b), of the requirements of D.N.J. LBR 2016-1. ☐ Waiver, under D.N.J. LBR 2014-3, of the requirements of D.N.J. LBR 2016-1 in a chapter 13 case. Payment to the professional may only be made after satisfactory completion of services. 4. The effective date of retention is the date the application was filed with the Court.                                                         rev.8/1/15   2