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Full title: Notice of appearance and request for notice filed by Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors and Greta M Brouphy. (Brouphy, Greta) (Entered: 01/22/2021)

Document posted on Jan 21, 2021 in the bankruptcy, 2 pages and 0 tables.

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INTHE UNITEDSTATES BANKRUPTCYCOURT FORTHE DISTRICT OFMINNESOTA In re: TeaOlive I, LLC d/b/aStock+Field, CaseNo.21-30037(WJF) Debtor. Chapter11 NOTICE OFAPPEARANCE ANDREQUEST FORNOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE of the appearance of Greta M. Brouphyof the firm of Heller,Draper & Horn, L.L.C., proposed counsel to represent the represent the Official Committee ofUnsecured Creditors in the Tea Olive I, LLC dba Stock + Field in this Chapter 11 Proceeding(the “Committee”), who hereby enters an appearance pursuant to Section 1109(b) of theBankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rule 9010(b) and hereby requests, pursuant to BankruptcyRules 2002, 3017, and 9007 and Sections 342 and 1109(b) of the Bankruptcy Code, that allnotices, orders, judgments, requests, pleadings, applications, motions, complaints or demands,whether formal or informal, written or oral, and whether transmitted or conveyed by mail, handdelivery, telephone, telecopy, telegraph, telex, e-mail, or otherwise in the captioned cases, begivento,andserveduponthefollowing: GretaM. Brouphy HELLER,DRAPER&HORN,L.L.C. 650Poydras Street,Suite2500 NewOrleans, Louisiana 70130 Telephone: 504-299-3300 Facsimile: 504-299-3399 E-mail:

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PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Committee intends that neither thisNotice of Appearance and Request for Service of Papers nor any later appearance, pleading,claim or suit shall waive (i) the Committee’s right to have final orders in non-core mattersentered only after de novo review by a U.S. District Court; (ii) the Committee’s right to trialby jury in any proceeding so triable in any case, controversy, or proceeding related to thisbankruptcy proceeding; (iii) the Committee’s right to have the U.S. District Court for theDistrict of Minnesota withdraw the reference in any matter subject to mandatory ordiscretionary withdrawal; or (iv) any other rights, claims, actions, defenses, setoffs, orrecoupments to which the Committee may be entitled, in law or in equity, including theright to contest the jurisdiction of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota, allof which rights, claims, actions, defenses, setoffs and recoupments the Committee expresslyreserves. Dated: January22,2021 Respectfullysubmitted, /s/GretaM.Brouphy Douglas S.Draper, LA Bar# 5073(admittedpro hacvice) Leslie A.Collins, LA Bar #14891(admittedpro hacvice) GretaM. Brouphy, LA Bar#26216(admittedpro hacvice) HELLER,DRAPER&HORN,L.L.C. 650Poydras Street,Suite2500 NewOrleans, LA 70130-6103 Telephone: 504.299.3300/Fax: 504.299.3399 ProposedAttorneys for theOfficial Committee of UnsecuredCreditors