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Full title: Notice of appearance and request for notice filed by Sexstone Enterprises, Inc., dba Tri-State Trading and Michael A. Cavallaro. (Cavallaro, Michael) (Entered: 03/12/2021)

Document posted on Mar 11, 2021 in the bankruptcy, 3 pages and 0 tables.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA In re: Tea Olive I, LLC, d/b/a Stock+Field, Bky. No. 21-30037 (WJF) Debtor. Chapter 11 Case NOTICE OF APPEARANCE AND REQUEST FOR NOTICE Michael A. Cavallaro of the law firm Barnes & Thornburg LLP hereby gives notice pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 9010(b) that he is appearing in the above-captioned bankruptcy case for Interested Party Sexstone Enterprises, Inc., dba Tri-State Trading (“Tri-State”). Michael A. Cavallaro further requests that he receive all notices and all other papers served or filed in this case, including pleadings, motions, applications, orders, plans, disclosure statements, financial and other reports. Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2002(g), all notices and papers should be sent to the following address: Michael A. Cavallaro, Esq. Barnes & Thornburg LLP 2800 Capella Tower 225 South Sixth Street Minneapolis, MN 55402-4662 Telephone: (612) 333-2111 Facsimile: (612) 333-6798 Email: Michael A. Cavallaro further requests that he be added to the appropriate lists and matrixes in this case. This request for notice is intended, without limitation, to constitute such request for service as is required by Bankruptcy Rules 2002(i) and 3017(a), and a request for

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court designated service as set forth in Bankruptcy Rules 3019, 3020(b)(1), 4001(a)(1), 6006(c), 9007, 9013, and 9019. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE this Notice of Appearance request includes, without limitation, notices and papers referred to in Bankruptcy Rule 2002 and also includes, without limitation, any plans of reorganization and disclosure statements and objections thereto, notices, orders, pleadings, motions, applications, complaints, schedules of assets and liabilities, operating reports, answering or reply papers, memoranda or briefs in support of any of the foregoing, pleadings, hearing dates, requests, demand, replies and any other documents brought before this Court with respect to these proceedings, whether formal or informal, whether written or oral, whether transmitted or conveyed by mail, courier service, delivery service, telephone, telegraph or otherwise. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that this Notice of Appearance is without prejudice to the rights, remedies and claims of Tri-State against other entities or any objection by Tri-State, that may be made to the subject matter jurisdiction of the Court or the propriety of venue herein and shall not be deemed or construed to submit the Committee to the jurisdiction of the Court. This Notice of Appearance shall not be deemed or construed to be a waiver by Tri-State (1) to have final orders in noncore and matters not arising in or under the Bankruptcy Code entered by a District Judge, (2) to trial by jury in any proceeding so triable in this case or any case, controversy, or proceeding related to this case, or (3) of any other rights, claims, actions, defenses, setoffs, or recoupments to which Tri-State is or may be entitled, in law or in equity, all of which rights, claims, actions, defenses, setoffs and recoupments Tri-State expressly reserves. All rights, remedies and claims are hereby expressly reserved, including without limitation, the making of a motion seeking abstention, withdrawal, dismissal or transfer of the case or a proceeding therein.

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Dated: March 12, 2021 BARNES & THORNBURG LLP By: /e/ Michael A. Cavallaro Michael A. Cavallaro, #0389995 2800 Capella Tower 225 South Sixth Street Minneapolis, MN 55402-4662 Telephone: (612) 333-2111 Facsimile: (612) 333-6798 E-mail: ATTORNEYS FOR INTERESTED PARTY SEXSTONE ENTERPRISES, INC., DBA TRI-STATE TRADING