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Full title: Signature declaration filed by Tea Olive I, LLC. (Cutler, Clinton) (Entered: 01/10/2021)

Document posted on Jan 9, 2021 in the bankruptcy, 1 pages and 0 tables.

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re Case No. Tea Olive I, LLC Debtor(s). SIGNATURE DECLARATION ETITION, SCHEDULES & STATEMENTS HAPTER 13 PLAN OLUNTARY CONVERSION, SCHEDULES AND STATEMENTS MENDMENT TO PETITION, SCHEDULES & STATEMENTS ODIFIED CHAPTER 13 PLAN THER (PLEASE DESCRIBE: Chapter 11 Petition ) e], the undersigned debtor(s) or authorized representative of the debtor, make the following declarations underalty of perjury: 1. The information I have given my attorney for the electronically filed petition, statements, schedules,amendments, and/or chapter 13 plan, as indicated above, is true and correct;2. The Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number I have given to my attorney for entry into thecourt’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system as a part of the electroniccommencement of the above-referenced case is true and correct;3. [individual debtors only] If no Social Security Number was provided as described in paragraph 2 aboit is because I do not have a Social Security Number; 4. I consent to my attorney electronically filing with the United States Bankruptcy Court my petition,statements and schedules, amendments, and/or chapter 13 plan, as indicated above, together with ascanned image of this Signature Declaration; 5. My electronic signature contained on the documents filed with the Bankruptcy Court has the same effeas if it were my original signature on those documents; and 6. [corporate and partnership debtors only] I have been authorized to file this petition on behalf of thedebtor. te: January 10, 2021 X X Signature of Debtor1 or Authorized Representative Signature of Debtor 2 Matthew F. Whebbe Printed Name of Debtor 1 or Printed Name of Debtor 2 Authorized Representative