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Full title: Request for no future electronic notices filed by Northpoint Development Holdings and Nathan Myrum Hansen. (Hansen, Nathan) (Entered: 02/23/2021)

Document posted on Feb 22, 2021 in the bankruptcy, 1 pages and 0 tables.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA Chapter 11 Bankruptcy No. 21-30037 . In Re: ) ) ) Tea Olive I, LLC d/b/a Stock Field, ) REQUEST FOR REMOVAL FROM ) ECF NOTICE LIST ) Debtor ) ) The undersigned hereby no longer requires receipt of ECF notifications and hereby requests removal from the Electronic Mail Notice List in the above-captioned proceeding. This request does not apply to pro hac vice counsel for Northpoint Development Holdings, LLC, Spencer Lee Daniels, who should continue to receive ECF notices. Dated: February 23, 2021 /e/ Nathan M. Hansen Nathan M. Hansen Attorney for Creditor Northpoint Development Holdings, LLC 2440 North Charles Street, Suite 242 North St. Paul, MN 55109 651-704-9600 651-704-9604 (fax) MN Attorney Reg. No. 0328017