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Full title: Transcript regarding Hearing Held 03/30/2021 (108 pages) RE: Notice of Intent to Sell (#771). THIS TRANSCRIPT WILL BE MADE ELECTRONICALLY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC 90 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF FILING. TRANSCRIPT RELEASE DATE IS 09/1/2021. Until that time the transcript may be viewed at the Clerk's Office or a copy may be obtained from the official court transcriber. Court Reporter/Transcriber Kathy Rehling,, Telephone number 972-786-3063. (RE: related document(s) 880 Hearing held on 3/30/2021. (RE: related document(s)771 Notice of Intent to Sell Certain Personal Property Related to the Chisholm Trail Ranch Location filed by Debtor Studio Movie Grill Holdings, LLC.) Appearances: J. Veteto for Debtor; M. Held and M. Stull for Chisholm Trail landlord; J. Bregman for Regency Lighting; M. Mintz and J. Bain for Cinergy; L. Spindler for Tarrant County; B. Wallander and B. Foxman for Goldman Sachs; M. Schneidereit for Crestline. Evidentiary hearing and auction. Court approved sale to Chisholm Trail landlord at increased price of $430,000 with $100,000 credit. Counsel to upload order. (Ellison, T.)). Transcript to be made available to the public on 09/1/2021. (Rehling, Kathy)

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