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Full title: Transcript regarding Hearing Held 08/20/2021 (93 pages) RE: Emergency Motion to Enforce Plan and Confirmation Order (997). THIS TRANSCRIPT WILL BE MADE ELECTRONICALLY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC 90 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF FILING. TRANSCRIPT RELEASE DATE IS 11/22/2021. Until that time the transcript may be viewed at the Clerk's Office or a copy may be obtained from the official court transcriber. Court Reporter/Transcriber Kathy Rehling,, Telephone number 972-786-3063. (RE: related document(s) 1011 Hearing held on 8/20/2021. (RE: related document(s)997 Emergency Motion to enforce Plan and Confirmation Order and (II) For an Order (A) To Show Cause Why First Horizon Bank, as Successor by Merger to Iberiabank, Lockard Midland Square, LLC, Midland Tower Properties, LLC, and Lockard Development, Inc. Should Not be Held in Contempt of Court and (B) Granting an Award of Sanctions filed by Reorganized Debtor Movie Grill Concepts XXXII, LLC., (related document(s): 875 Order confirming chapter 11 plan) Filed by Debtor Studio Movie Grill Holdings, LLC., (Appearances: J. Veteto for Reorganized Debtor; B. Wallander for Goldman Sachs; S. Moore and R. Bruckmann for First Horizon; L. Powell for Lockard; M. Kippes for UST. Evidentiary hearing. Motion granted in part and continued in part (as to sanctions, there will be a continued hearing). Court issued ruling through email to counsel from CRD. Mr. Veteto to upload a written order consistent with the courts ruling.)). Transcript to be made available to the public on 11/22/2021. (Rehling, Kathy)

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