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  • Full-text search of 1,231,800 bankruptcy filings across 1,637 bankruptcy dockets.
  • Search results highlighting to quickly find relevant data.
  • View documents as PDFs or as clean structured text (HTML) in your browser.
  • Search and Filter dockets by industry, court venue, or bankruptcy size.
  • Get notifications of new bankruptcies or new filings.

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Single Portal

See all major federal bankruptcies on a single sheet, with any document immediately accessible.

Filter, screen, and sort dockets by key criteria.

Get notified of new bankruptcies and new filings through a single notification path.

Fast Results

Use the full text search to instantly find key terms and definitions.

Proprietary HTML view increases reading speed and extracts tables.

Switch back to PDF view in the same window with one click.

API Access

APIs are available with rich metadata to connect with your IT systems.

Bulk docket and document retrieval.

Integrate text data into trading systems.


Bankrupt11 is free to use for your first 100 documents and up to one weekly docket alert. You will be asked to create a free account after retrieving your first few documents.


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  • Unlimited document views
  • Unlimited docket alerts
  • Priority email support


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